network technician salary

What does a network technician do?

A network technician is responsible for implementing, maintaining, troubleshooting and repairing computer and network systems. Network technicians set up Internet connections, establish different types of networks and connect them. Some of the specific responsibilities for this role include:

Troubleshooting computer software and hardware issues, making repairs and performing scheduled updates
Partnering with the IT team to ensure that the software is correctly installed and launching and employee computers
Provide technical support for clients and end-users through various lines of communication, including phones and live chat support
Securing the computer’s computer network against cyber-attacks, which includes installing antivirus software and ensuring it is regularly updated
Educating employees on different facets of the network and briefing senior management on possible causes and solutions of problems
Selecting the best equipment and programs for a company and requesting new equipment if what’s being currently used becomes unreliable

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